About Us

         Healthy World was born from the need of Brazilian and Latin American community to maintain a healthy life while living and working in Japan.

        Besides living in difficulties and working hard for hours, foreigners has experience a cultural and language barriers that discourage them from seeking proper medical help.

We, out of the wish to replace the work of doctors, the global trend are increasingly seeking  for natural alternatives than chemical remedies, we at Healthy World, we found natural alternatives and offer these to our compatriots at affordable prices since those whom the economic situation is to toil every day in Japanese factories.

     Initially we researched the most common symptoms and problems in the community, then carefully we selected for high quality products that would solve or prevent these symptoms.

     The idea worked, and our goal was achieved. Soon, the community in general saw in us as an ally who arrived in time to fill that need.

     From January 2013 we expanded our services to clients residing in Brazil as well.
     We learned a lot and we still have so much to learn in terms of health, however, we see that the customers satisfaction with our work demonstrate that our business is rewarding to all of us as a whole.

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