Activated  Charcoal

Because of its high absorption capacity Activated Charcoal in capsule has been traditionally used to treat intestinal gas problems, stomach infections, alcohol intoxications, bad breath and poisonings.

¥ 1,900

- 230 mg

- 120 capsules

- Take 2 per day, after meal.

Activated charcoal       


   Because of its high absorption capacity, activated carbon in capsules has been used traditionally to treat intestinal gas problems, stomach infections, alcohol intoxications, bad breath and poisonings.


   Activated charcoal is made from coconut shell, is usually subjected to special preparation after carbonization, increasing its porosity to absorb even more.


   Activated charcoal is well tolerated by the digestive system. It will absorb or correct everything that is undesirable for the body (food additives, pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers, toxic fish bacteria and other foods).


It is generally used to neutralize gases and flatulence in conjunction with the inconvenience that these originate in the body and in the digestive process.



   Properties of Activated Charcoal


   Its action on gas (flatulence) is due to a double process: it not only absorbs the gases, as well as bacteria that produce the same.


Relieves certain functional problems of the digestive system, whose origin is often due to bad eating habits (too much sugar, alcohol, fats, fried foods, etc.). Between links we can highlight abdominal pain, cramps, heartburn, gas, belching, swelling, etc. By reducing intestinal gas, active carbon helps reduce swelling.


   Another property of active charcoal is to suppress bad breath many times cause due to high intestinal fermentation.


   Thanks to its ability to absorb harmful substances, charcoal has been used to reduce the effect of oral poisons and drug overdose, both by humans and animals. There are no known side effects because they do not act directly on the body.Please take into account that you may be able to inhibit the action of certain medications if taken orally.



   How to use activated carbon:


 It should be taken with plenty of water between meals for a greater therapeutic effect.

 Due to its effect on the gases is usually taken after meals.


It is preferable not to take with tea, coffee and alcohol, since they can inhibit its properties.

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