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Good for combating ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, gastritis, vaginal cleaning, candidiasis, vaginal discharge, gonorrhea, colitis, uterine bleeding, wounds treatment, internal and external bleeding.

 $ 15,00


   Is a very well known Brazilian medicinal plant used by natural medicinal doctors and health professionals that works with medicinal herbs. Barbatimão is a native tree from the vegetation of the Brazilian interior, very well known in the North region, Central West, North East and South East.


First used by the Indians during their curative rituals. It was known as "yba timo", that means "tree that squeeze ", it has this name due to its ab-stringent action.  It was already use by some people as healer and inflammatory, such knowledge was handed to mongrel and until it reached today's research laboratories.    

It is commonly use as a healer by farmers, in wounds or in animals injuries.    


The people usually make a strong tea from the skin of the tree and  pour it into the injured areas three times a week. Or they just take the skin of the tree and make powder and use it directly in the affected areas.


Since is ad-stringent agent, it does eliminate water inside the cells, triggering fiber contraction. Which helps to heal reducing hemorrhage. 

Is a great antiseptic agent scientifically approved, fights bacteria and fungus.         

Vaginal discharge, most of the time just called as discharge, vulvovaginitis or vaginitis very common among the woman.  One cause of this symptom can be candidiasis, and still exist others cause . In general,  The greenish and white discharge it comes with a bad smell (or not) and with a rash, irritation and an urge to urinate frequently. 

Medicinal Properties: ad-stringent, anti-hemorrhage, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiblenorrágica, antidiabetic, antidiarrheal, antiscorbutic, antileucorréica, healing, blood clotting, depurative, diuretic, emetic, hypotensive, ophthalmic, tonic.

Indications: ulcers, wounds, impigens, skin problems, throat infections, vaginal discharge, leukorrhea, gonorrhea  urethral and vaginal catarrh; colite, diarrhea  scurvy, anemia, hemoptises, uterine bleeding, gastritis  gastric ulcer, cancer, hepatic infections, diabetes.    

-100 grams

- Usage: one table spoon in one liter of bowling water.  

It can be use as a tea for internal infections, and externally for bath, gargling, vaginal and penile cleaning.

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