Brown Spot Night Cream

Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream
Better...Faster Results for dark spots or skin discoloration.

For All Skin Types.

         ¥ 2,600

​          - 42 gram


Brown Spot Night Cream Description 


   Natural Refined Vegetable Oil Base Aids Absorption!

Unique blending of this cream's "base" allows the super lightening agent--hydroquinone--to produce even quicker action on age spots, or any skin discoloration.

With consistent use each evening on face, hands or body, you can start to see a fading of the spots in 4 weeks or sooner.


How to Use


Preferably use on the night
Massage small amount into spot area each evening. To balance treatment, avoid heavy sun exposure.
Helpful Hint: During daytime, use with sunscreen or moisturizer on spot areas even when not in the sun for extended periods. (Makeup can be worn over moisturizer).

- Warning: No for children under 12 year old. Avoid contact on eye, cuts, wounds or irritated skin.

-We recommend testing for sensitivity before beginning treatment. Test on small underarm area.


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