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Copaiba Oil from the Amazon

Is a popular medicine used against more than 50 types of diseases, copaiba oil gained scientific backing. Substance combat leishmaniasis, cancer, bacteria and inflammation.



- 20 ml

- follow the instructions on the text.


 $ 15,00


Copaiba oil is a wealth of the Brazilian nature, present in a special way in the Amazon. It is an oil well studied, and there is a lot of scientific articles about their benefits. Copaiba oil, we might say, is a natural product, (when it is extracted and handled correctly). Since ancient times, the copaiba was already well known by the Incas, Mayas and our Indians in Brazil. It was called "oil of life." This is because the oil was considered the one thayt have saved more lives in Brazil. See this article about all its benefits, what diseases he fights and a witnessing of how the copaiba oil was the only solution for a lost case of sinusitis.


   What is the oil copaíba:


   Main points of Copaiba oil:


   - Copaiba oil has lots of regenerative properties, nourishing, healing, tonic and lubricants ...

   The copaiba oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing; * combat stress; * heartburn, ulcer and gastritis; * massage or moisturizing the skin and hair;


   Recent studies reveal that in addition of being immensely useful for infections and inflammations in general, for their excellent healing action, the plant also has expectorant action, antimicrobial and is indicated in the treatment of numerous diseases, wounds, eczema, rashes, boils, seborreias, conditions throat, cough, flu, dysentery, urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge: almost everything that can be treated with copaiba.

   Recent research also point out that the copaiba may be the hope in the fight against cancer.


   Brazilian copaiba oil

   Copaiba oil is currently a product (natural medicine) simply indispensable for anyone and everyone, of all ages, it helps on several factors, from our health to our self-esteem. The quality of life that copaiba oil gives us is phenomenal, and the best, it is easy to find, inexpensive and has no side effects, the only point is that it should be avoided in lactating women.


   How to use the oil copaíba


   For skin problems: put a small amount of copaiba oil on the affected skin area at least 3 times a day.

Arthritis: put a small amount of oil in a pan and let it warm up, then apply on the affected area up to 2 times a day.


   How to ingest the oil copaíba

   So that our body gets used, in the first week of oil intake, take 1 drop a day, preferably after breakfast. In the second week take 2 drops a day, the first drop after the breakfast and the second after lunch. In the third week to drink 3 drops. One after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner. In the fourth week, it starts the normal dose which is 2 copaiba oil drops 3 times a day. Two before breakfast, 2 after lunch and two after dinner. After the fourth week, you can take 6 drops once a day. In the morning, afternoon or evening, choose the best option for your day-to-day.



   Contraindication of copaiba

   Oil is contraindicated for pregnant or lactating woman.



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