Crushed Cucumber Cleansing Cream

This wonderful cleanser works deep into your pores to cleanse and refresh.
Your skin will feel silky smooth to the touch.
A crushed cucumber cleansing cream.

Crushed Cucumber Cleansing Cream 

     Refresh your complexion with Crushed Cucumber Cleansing Cream. Puritan's Pride has formulated this special blend of crushed cucumber, oils and emollients. This luxurious cleanser will work deep into the pores to cleanse and refresh your skin. Your skin will look radiant and feel satiny smooth to the touch.



Directions: Gently smooth this luxurious cleansing cream into your skin on face and neck. Allow a few minutes to pass before you tissue off. Pat skin with astringent lotion or cold water to close pores.

¥ 1,600

- 113 Gram


WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.

For External Use.


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