Dandelion Root

Digestive stimulant, detoxifying and depurative. It increases bile secretion, treats bile ducts and calculus.

 Indicated for the treatment of hepatitis and corrects the gastric hypoacidity.

¥ 2,500

-  525 mg

- 100 softgel

- take 2 capsule at day.    

Dandelion Root - Its action and Indication:

Digestive stimulant, detoxifying and purifyer. It increases bile secretion, treats the bile ducts and calculus. Indicated for the treatment of hepatitis and corrects the gastric hypoacidity.    Research indicates that dandelion can treat pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. It can also improve overall health, and is beneficial to the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, stomach and other organs. Dandelion is also recommended for the treatment of tonsillitis, osteoporosis, abscesses, anemia, boils, breast tumors, cirrhosis, water retention, hepatitis, jaundice, rheumatism and warts. And it can be effective in eliminating or preventing age spots. Some people also use roasted dandelion root as a healthy alternative to be added to coffee.


    Dandelion is considered a food full of essential nutrients as it is a source of minerals and provides a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant action and provide the necessary support for cleaning the digestive tract. 


Another benefit of the dandelion extract is its diuretic action. Helps in the cleansing of the digestive tract and helps the intestine and liver to eliminate retained toxins, bringing an effective effect to lose weight.   


Because we are exposed to toxins from external agents all the time - such as air pollution, car smoke, preservatives, sweeteners, etc. - The intestine and liver, organs that make detoxification of the body, need phytochemicals that help them eliminate these toxins. "When we talk about detoxifying, we're talking about eliminating fat. That's because toxins like to lodge in fat cells, and from the moment we 'unclog' those cells, they become more soluble and eliminated."


The tea, although very nutritious, has little caloric value, being only 25 calories in a cup. The plant has higher nutritional value than the great majority of vegetables, see:


  • Is rich in vitamins;

  • Rich in minerals;

  • Proteins;

  • Inulin;

  • pectin;

  • Has more vitamin A than carrots;

  • Rich in vitamin C;

  • Riboflavin;

  • Has vitamin B6;

  • Thiamine;

  • Minerals (calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and iron);

  • A cup of tea has the same amount of calcium as 1/2 cup of milk!


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