Epsom salt (Bitter Salt)

Magnesium sulfate is indicated as a laxative, it is also useful against heartburn, indigestion, magnesium deficiency, for the skin, ingrown toenails, athlete's foot, muscle aches, arthritis, phlebitis and fibromyalgia. 

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   What is the bitter salt?

   This type of salt is derived from magnesium sulphate, mineral found in nature in places where there are sources of hot water resulting from rock formations. Its use began in ancient time. It was believed that drinking and bathing in these sources would result health benefits.



   The medicinal use of Epsom salt encompasses a series of treatments. But it is important to mention that although it has this label worldwide, Epsom salt or bitter salt, in fact, is not a salt: it is a pure mineral compound, magnesium sulfate.



   Magnesium can be seen as a major component, being responsible for a number of medicinal benefits. This mineral plays a role of great importance for the body and regulates the activity of more than 320 enzymes.



   Properties and indications of the bitter salt


   Regular use of Epsom salt assists in reducing inflammation, optimizes muscle and nerve function, prevents hardening of the arteries and increases the absorption capacity of nutrients. Thus, it can be used for nervous disorders, heal skin problems, reduce pain in the legs and back, relieving tension in the muscles, and accelerate the healing of cuts. For any of these conditions, it is necessary to make a bath: add 2 cups in the tub with hot water, and stay until the water begins to lose heat.



   An interesting factor is that when dissolved in water, Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin, and resets the magnesium. This mineral helps in the production of serotonin, the chemical humor, that when elevated in the brain induces a feeling of relaxation and calm. It also increases energy and stamina, as it increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a kind of fuel that cells use to produce energy.


   Other beneficial effects of the magnesium salt include regulation of blood pressure, reduction of irritability, improves sleep quality, and greater power concentration. When used the appropriate amount, magnesium increases the effectiveness of insulin in the body, helping to reduce the risk or aggravation of diabetes. Magnesium sulfate is indicated as a laxative, it is also useful against heartburn, indigestion, magnesium deficiency, the skin, ingrown toenails, athlete's foot, muscle aches, arthritis, phlebitis and fibromyalgia. 


   To ensure these results, experts recommend the constancy of 3 weekly baths.


If the aim is to treat asthma and bronchitis or headaches, including migraine, can make a thick paste by mixing it with water, placing in the form of poultice, forehead or chest.


This is a natural remedy to eliminate toxins from the body. Sulphates wash heavy metals and harmful substances. The skin is a highly porous membrane, and when the correct minerals are added to the immersion bath, is triggered process called reverse osmosis.

In practice, the mineral Epsom salt suck out the skin, and other heavy or noxious agents. This detoxification process 1 can be done once a week.



   Gentle exfoliating

Do you have rough skin or cloves that leaves you ugly? Make a homemade natural product to leave your skin clean and renewed. Remember that the time and number of applications vary according to the texture and skin type.


Method of preparation:

To eliminate blackheads and clean skin: make a mixture using three drops of iodine, one teaspoon of bitter salt and ½ cup of boiling water. Mix everything and, with the help of cotton, apply the mixture in areas with blackheads.


To make skin exfoliation: Mix ½ teaspoon in your cleansing cream, pass the mixture on your face, massage it gently and then rinse with cold water.



   Domestic cleaning

   You can use it in the kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms.


   Method of preparation:

   For heavy cleaning (tiles, sinks, floors etc.): mix liquid detergent with bitter salt (the amount depends on the amount of detergent used, noting that both should have the same amount in the mixture) and use them to make the heavy cleaning in the house.

You can also apply the mixture of paste to wash places like garages, backyards and roofs, but this requires manually scrub the environment with broom.


   Apply a small amount of bitter salt around your home, keep slugs and snails away from your home and your garden.




   Weed control

   You can control the appearance of weeds in your garden and even better, without the use of toxic products.


   Method of preparation:

   Mix white vinegar bottle with two cups of bitter salt and ¼ of ordinary soap. Mix and place the liquid in a spray bottle and spraying on the skirt for your garden.



   Compresses in bruises

   Who never got hurt somehow and got that bruise spot that leaves the ugly appearance? Learn how to improve that stain easily.


   Method of preparation: 

   Mix a bitter salt soup spoon with a glass of cold water. With the aid of cotton, spreading the emulsion over the bruises. does not disappear like magic, but surely your appearance look better. Apply several times.



   Removal fragments

   Sometimes those splinters of wood or glass shards come into contact with our skin and cause pain and inflammation. The bitter salt is great for removing these fragments.


   Method of preparation:

   Mix a tablespoon of sour salt soup in a cup of cold water. With cotton, apply the liquid in the area where the fragment. The salt has features that increase the osmotic pressure, which means, that it drives the fragments to the skin surface. This should reduce pain and prevent Inflammation.


   Smoothing sunburn and irritated skin

   This is especially for those who have children at home and suffers from sunburn and irritated skin caused from insect bites.


   Method of preparation:

   Mix a tablespoon of sour salt in a cup of cold water and make compresses. Whenever possible, keep this mixture around and protect your children.




   Some plants (especially roses), food (tomato) and trees grows. This is because it makes the planting more healthy and lasting , especially in bloosom time (spring), certainly its flowers and fruits grow happy, healthy, beautiful and its duration will increase.


   How to use:

   If you have a garden, spread salt between the flowers and fruits once a week to provide nutrients.


   If you are starting to grow some plants in a garden, apply a quantity of bitter salt in the fertilizer or spread a cup of salt for every 10 m² to help fertilization. Besides using it in the development of its plants, it acts as a natural pesticide, that is, you can dispense with toxic products.


To create a natural pesticide, use a tablespoon of bitter salt soup for each 950 ml of water - this will ward off pests.

Note: to stimulate the healthy growth of the rosebush use ½ cup of Epsom salts in the soil.


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