Flora Slimming

100% Chinese Formula for natural weight loss. Effects in 24 hours. 

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- 30 capsules.

- Take 1 capsule per day

- Suitable for people

  over 18 to 60 years old.



    The FLORA Slimming is a revolutionary product combine with the Chinese Ancient experience in manipulation of herbs and the highest pharmaceutical technology existent in the world.

     The FLORA Slimming is a formula composed of herbs, flowers and fruits of  high inhibiting appetite power, a low-calorie source of energy found in a few weight loss supplements, contain substances that speed up your metabolism causing your body to eliminate accumulated liquid and thus able to burn fat located mainly in the arms, abdomen, hips and legs.

     The FLORA slimming is a 100% natural formula approved by Japanese health security, and since is natural it decreases almost to zero the undesirable side effects and brings harmony between weight loss and health.


     Dietary Supplement Slimming FLORA of today.
With just one capsule a day FLORA Slimming provides you amazing results in a few days and one more factor that FLORA Slimming has as positive is, that,  it eliminates impurities retained in the body bringing improvement in the skin.


     With FLORA Slimming you can amazingly reduce appetite, but symptoms such as weakness, discouragement, discomfort, depression, dizziness, etc. are not felt by those who are taking it, because it contains energical substances that guarantee maximum comfort between a meal and another.


Not for Children, Pregnant or Nursing women, people with heart disease, brain, chronic, hypertension, people with drugs prescription.

Storage in a cool, dry and dark place.

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