Garciania Cambodia

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) acts as an appetite reducer. Garcinia cambogia has aroused great interest for its ability to reduce appetite and decrease cravings for sweets, with no side effects.


- 60 capsules

- 1200 mg

- For adults, take two (2) capsules daily, before meals.

Garcinia Cambodia

   Garcinia cambogia has aroused great interest for its ability to reduce appetite and decrease cravings for sweets, with no side effects. 


Not resist the goodies during a diet is one of the main complaints heard by doctors who treat obesity. But now it is possible to have this great discovery coming from Asia. 


Garcinia cambogia.


   Garcinia cambogia is a small native tree from the forests region of Cambodia, South Africa and Polynesia and is cultivated in India and Far East countries. In India, Garcinia or "Tamarindo Malabar" is used for hundreds of years, both in Ayurvedic medicine, both in traditional cooking, included in curry preparation and food preservation, without any record of toxicity. Garcinia belongs to the family of Gutiferáceas and the dry skin and fruit flesh parts of the plant are most commonly used. The Garcinia fruit is approximately the size of an orange, however looking up fomr the top looks like a small pumpkin.


   Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the main acid found in the fruit skin and is responsible for its satiating properties.    



The AHC has three steps to promote weight loss:   


1. blocking agent of fats - the carbohydrates ingested in excess, they are processed and stored as fat. In this process involving a key enzyme is required, ATP citrate lyase. The AHC binds to block this enzyme, thereby inhibiting fat storage.  


  2. More glycogen - the calories are not stored as fat will have another destination. By blocking the ATP-citrate lyase, the AHC has the ability to transfer the calories to form glycogen (as sugar stored in the muscles and liver).  


  3. Loss of appetite - AHC appetite control through increased glycogen synthesis, that is, when glycogen stores are high, sugar receptors in the liver is stimulated and sends a satiety signal to the brain (not stimulate central nervous system). Another process is based on the AHC's ability to stimulate the release of serotonin, a vital neurotransmitter involved in appetite control. It is also a completely natural way of changing the physiology of the body and promote weight loss. 


   HCA is present in many supplements for weight loss, in the form capsules of Garcinia, powders, tablets and even bars. The acid hydroxycitric (HCA) does not stimulate the brain, such as coffee and or inhibit appetite. It is good to mention that most of the brain stimulating appetite suppressants acts on the nerves, causing a big number of side effects, including craving for food when you stop taking them. The HCA, on the other hand, gives extra energy to the body and improve the transmission of body sensation of satiety with the everyday meals. Such a system is quite flawed in obese people, which is why they often eat more than necessary.

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