Green Banana Flour

Is a wonderful product that helps in intestinal functions by preventing colon cancer, combating diabetes, slimming and assisting in PMS.


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- 150 gr.


HOW TO COMSUME: One tablespoon of banana flour mixed in 200 mL of water, juice, or vitamins. Sweet to taste. Take, preferably, during meals once or twice daily.


 Green Banana Flour




    The banana, while green consists essentially of water and starch and it is for this reason it has an astringent  taste. However, it can be used as a source of carbohydrates in several dishes. The Flour can be produced from green bananas. As they mature, the starch turns into simpler sugars, such as glucose and sucrose, which give it the sweet taste.


    Sturdy starch is characteristic of this green fruit. In the ripening process, this sturdy starch is degraded and transformed into sucrose, "explains master of food science Milana Dan.


Benefits ranging from protecting us from a bowel cancer to avoiding the increase of glucose in our blood and as a consequence, diabetes. It also helps in weight loss.


    It is important to always seek to control blood glucose - blood glucose - and insulin levels as well, "says Dr. Elisabete Wenzel de Menezes.


    Lazy, unregulated intestine?

    This resistant starch passes directly through the small intestine, is neither absorbed nor digested. When it reaches the large intestine, it is digested by the bacteria that exist there. These bacteria, when they digest this resistant starch, produce substances that are beneficial both in the large intestine and in our body in general, "adds Milana Dan.


    This form of starch is only processed in the large intestine, passing unharmed by the other organs that make up the digestive tract. This means that the green banana flour rich of fiber makes you lose weight, as it collaborates with our body at different levels.


    One of the key phytotherapeutic characteristics of green banana flour is the cleansing of the colon. It provides fibers that stimulate bowel movement and its consequent cleansing. "It has a type of starch that serves as a food for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which produce substances that help prevent inflammatory bowel diseases, maintain the intestinal mucosa and contribute to the increase of solid feces, reducing the risk of colon cancer Remember that it should be combined with healthy eating.


    Green banana flour helps you to lose weight: Green banana flour slims, because it makes the body work better, because of a fantastic ingredient: Sturdy Starch.


    Benefits and PMS:

    This food can still be a great ally for any women suffering from premenstrual tension (PMS) - banana is a source of magnesium, which reduces the pain caused by contractions that cause colic and is related to the production of dopamine, which brings well-being .


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