Green Coffee Extract

Helps in the process of slimming. Thermogenic action. It burns localized fats, combats flaccidity, is diuretic and anti-oxidant.


- 60 capsules

- 400 mg

- 2 capsules per day

Green Coffee

What is the power of green coffee?



   In addition to caffeine, which is an excellent thermogenic and stimulant properties that help in the burning of fats, green coffee has chlorogenic acid in concentration twice as much as in roasted coffee. This substance interferes with the absorption of sugar by the intestine and inhibits an enzyme that is responsible for the release of sugars from the liver in the blood, keeping glucose levels low and consequently decreasing the accumulation of fat and detoxifying the body.


In addition, chlorogenic acid has antioxidant action and fights the free radicals that cause aging.



   Green Coffee by reducing the absorption of sugars forces the body to look for other sources of energy, such as accumulated fat.


   The Green Coffee has approximately 2% of caffeine, the caffeine has thermogenic action, facilitating the process of burning localized fats.    In addition to these properties, caffeine in Green Coffee has the function of stimulating the respiratory center, increasing the frequency and depth of the breath, acting as a bronchodilator. It also favors the performance of muscular work, in addition to maximizing the performance of muscular activity.


Studies indicate that chlorogenic acid, another antioxidant in Green Coffee favors weight loss by interfering with the absorption of sugar by the cells, preventing the accumulation of body fat.


   The combination of Collagen and Green Coffee optimizes the results of the formula. Collagen acts in a complementary way in slimming diets, combating flaccidity, which is common during weight loss. In addition, in the presence of water the Collagen expands causing the sensation of satiety.



   Other benefits of green coffee:


   Green coffee slims, but that's not all it can do.

  • Green coffee is very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are important in promoting cell cleansing, and help the body to function better.

  • The caffeine present in green coffee, in addition to stimulating the metabolism, is able to inhibit some substances that are responsible for causing sleep, so green coffee is good for improving the state of attention.

  • Green coffee is also able to promote the oxidation of body fat, and this facilitates the elimination of those unwanted fat. In addition, it helps in the fight against free radicals, being useful to prevent premature aging.

  • Green coffee also has two very important substances: cafestol and kahweol. These two substances act on the liver and stimulate the action of an enzyme called GST. This enzyme promotes detoxification of the body, which also helps in weight loss.



Clinical Studies:


   The intake of coffee capsules has helped people to lose up to 10% of their weight!    Green coffee beans can help you lose weight in a relatively short amount of time combined with healthy eating and exercise, notes study presented at the American Chemical Society meeting. As Professor Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania) and his team explained, the daily intake of coffee capsules helped a group of overweight and obese people to lose weight over a period of six months to 10 percent of their weight.    Scientists controlled the diet, calories and exercise done by the patients during the period and found that they lost an average of 7.7 kilos, which represents 10.5% of the total weight and 16% of body fat. 


Source:, Category Weight loss, 03/27/2012.


   Suggested Use:

   Take 2 tablets at a time (easy to swallow) 30 to 60 minutes before a main meal.

   It can be before breakfast or lunch.

   Avoid using green coffee at night as it can cause difficulty sleeping.

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