Powerful antioxidant, Help to combat allergies (anti-histamine), support immune system, decrease inflammation, pain and joint damage linked with arthritis, or pain caused by sports workout and minor injuries, maintain the blood vessel health, cholesterol level, protect heart muscle, lower high blood pressure, Boost energy without stimulants, Maintain intestinal health, Help in skin condition, Help to combat infection, decrease blood sugar, Help to combat free radical damage (cancer and tumor growth), Protect brain and nerve health, Relieve depression and anxiety, Help in vision health.


- 1 Liter

- Use Indication: Mix one cup of  water with Mangosteen. Use the lip  of the bottle as measure. 1 lip per cup. Drink preferably in the morning.

For faster healing result we recommend drinking along with vitamin C.

Contain: Organic certified mangosteen juice from whole garcinia mangostana L. fruit, triple filtered water, organic certified goji juice, organic certified pomegranate juice concentrate, organic certified blueberry juice concentrate, organic certified black cherry juice concentrate, organic certified cranberry juice concentrate, natural flavor and citric acid.

The Many Mangosteen Benefits:

Why Scientists Recommend This Ancient Superfruit

    Mangosteen is an exotic superfruit that has been consumed for over 400 years. This small fruit is not only delicious, but it offers a wide range of medicinal benefits. Mangosteen benefits the body by providing powerful antioxidants, reducing inflammation and protecting against disease and infection.

    Why Ancient Healers Took Advantage of the Many Mangosteen Benefits​​

     Mangosteen is a tangerine-sized fruit that originated in Southeast Asia. Ancient Asian healers have used mangosteen as a natural medicine for hundreds of years. Traditionally, mangosteen was used to treat disease, fight infection, increase energy, reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

      Centuries after Asian healers first began using mangosteen, the fruit started becoming popular among the people of Great Britain. Queen Victoria became a firm believer in the mangosteen health benefits and frequently demanded the exotic fruit. Due to the Queen’s adoration, mangosteen was given the title of the “queen of fruits.” Thanks to modern researchers who have worked hard to uncover the science behind the benefits of mangosteen, the ancient fruit has continued to surge in popularity and is currently used by people around the world.

     The Powerful Antioxidants Responsible for Many of the Mangosteen Health Benefits

The benefits of mangosteen are largely due to its antioxidant content. In 1855, German Scientist Schmid W. Liebigs discovered a group of powerful phytonutrients called xanthones. Over the years, scientists have discovered at least 210 naturally-occurring xanthones. These phytonutrients possess strong antioxidant, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antimicrobial properties.

     Of the 210 xanthones, over 40 can be found in mangosteen. When consumed, these powerful compounds travel through the body neutralizing free radicals. This protects the cells from future damage and reverses the damage caused by free radicals in the past. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC, test has found that mangosteen juice can neutralize 20 to 30 times more free radicals than other natural fruit juices. In addition to its antioxidant content, the mangosteen health benefits can also be contributed to its supply of
calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, thiamine, ascorbic acid and riboflavin.

Disease-Fighting Mangosteen Benefits

     While mangosteen benefits the entire body, studies have found it especially effective in reducing inflammation, protecting the heart and preventing many different types of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, laboratory studies have found mangosteen effective in slowing the growth of cancer cells. Due to these studies, many scientists believe that regularly drinking mangosteen juice benefits the body by inhibiting the spread of leukemia, colon, liver, lung and stomach cancer.

       Research has also shown that mangosteen benefits users by reducing inflammation, lowering bad cholesterol and preventing diabetes. People who regularly consume mangosteen are at a decreased risk of heart disease as well as other chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s, arthritis and gout.

     Mangosteen also benefits the body by acting as an antibiotic. Mangosteen is so effective against infection that it is believed to be useful in the treatment of meningitis, tuberculosis, septimia, cystitis, pneumonia and respiratory infections. Studies have even found that the xanthones in mangosteen can inhibit the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. In fact, the fruit is so powerful that many people believe that mangosteen juice benefits any type of human infection.

      The superfruit has also been found to possess antidepressant effects. Regularly drinking mangosteen juice benefits the body by relieving depression, reducing stress and supporting emotional well-being. Mangosteen is also commonly used in the treatment of digestive disorders, especially those caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Mangosteen benefits patients by relieving gastritis, healing peptic ulcers and preventing diarrhea.

The Benefits of Mangosteen on Acne and Other Skin Problems

   When applied topically, the benefits of mangosteen are numerous. Mangosteen can be used to treat external wounds, fight infection and treat chronic skin conditions like eczema. Mangosteen can also be used to heal existing acne lesions and prevent new acne from forming. When applied to the face, mangosteen benefits acne by penetrating the skin and eliminating harmful pore-clogging bacteria.

     While mangosteen can be applied externally, many people also find that mangosteen benefits the skin when consumed internally. This is because, when consumed as a juice, mangosteen neutralizes damaging free radicals. Adults who drink mangosteen commonly notice an improvement in their wrinkles, skin tone and skin elasticity. This does not just improve the appearance of the skin; drinking mangosteen juice benefits consumers by protecting against future skin cancer.

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