The Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and strengthens the immune system


- 100 capsules

- 5 mg

- Take one (1) capsules

​  daily 1 hour before bed.

Melatonin regulates Sleep and strengthens the immune system.




   A Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is the size of a small pea and lies in the center of the brain. The melatonin secretion is produced at night in response to darkness. It reaches a maximum level in the middle of the night, then decreases until the morning. The synthesis and the entry into circulation of Melatonin are inhibited by light: the hormpne circadian rhythm.


Melatonin is a liposoluble and water soluble hormone that the organism metabolizes in a remarkably speed. The production of Melatonin diminishes with age. When man ages, the pineal gland is calcified and produces less and less melatonin. Melatonin levels are very abundant in children, decrease after puberty and then are reduced more than 90% until the age of 70 years.



   Melatonin regulates and controls our biological clock: it improves sleep, boosts the immune system and protects the central nervous system. In studies in vitro, Melatonin showed an activity that does not change in seven different types of human cancer cells, including breast and prostate. Melatonin influences positively as reproductive, cardiovascular and neurological systems. Melatonin is an extremely powerful and versatile antioxidant that protects every part of the cell and each cell of the body, including neurons.



   Over 100 degenerative diseases (including cataracts, muscle deterioration of the retina, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, osteosdistrofia, etc ...) are associated with the reduction of antioxidant defenses. Oxidation is also one of the main factors of the aging process! In fact, Melatonin can be, with DHEA, the most effective product for health prevention, more effective and cheaper that exist!



   Melatonin is exactly the same of synthesis of naturally hormone produced by the pineal gland, which brings multiple benefits:



   ● Against insomnia: Melatonin is best and the surest of the inductors of sleep available, is effective within 1 hour for most  of the 90% of users. The sleep facilitated by Melatonin is natural, more regularized and better quality than the sleep induced by sleeping pills. The Melatonin users wake up always well prepared and rested.

   ● Melatonin is particularly effective to end the disturbances of the circadian rhythm which result from night work.

   ● Melatonin neutralizes the effects of stress and reduces the gradual decline of the immune system that accompanies it.

   ● Numerous studies show that Melatonin protects against cancer and against the toxic effects of chemotherapy. Restore thyroid function and increases the population of lymphocytes T. Research also shows that Melatonin supplements will reduce hypertension, to better resist colds, and prevent or better withstand large numbers of diseases associated with aging.



   Are there side effects?

   Melatonin in dietary supplement is remarkably right and deprived of side effects. Indeed, it is unadvisable to drive or operate dangerous instruments after consuming Melatonin, given that it induces sleep and, consequently, decreases the speed of reflexes. A Dutch study of a population of 5,000 women just definitely show that Melatonin, even in significant amounts and for a long time, can be used without danger. These women took 75 mg of melatonin per day for 5 years, showing that with this dosage Melatonin inhibits estrogen production. No adverse effects were observed.


   Melatonin or sleeping pills?

   Being the opposite of sleeping pills, Melatonin, in appropriate doses, induces a natural and physiological sleep synchronizes again the circadian rhythm. It improves the speed at which the person falls asleep and the duration and quality of sleep. Melatonin does not create addiction or dependence. At the contrary, sleeping pills remove the essential phase of sleep devoted to dream, does require taking a higher doses creating a terrible dependence, which can lead to death.



   What is the recommended amount?

   The individual needs vary significantly: 1 to 3 mg is usually sufficient to induce sleep. If you have a little trouble waking up the next day, is because you took more than necessary. If you do not sleep enough, you may increase the dose. Use your common sense to adapt your consumption to the needs of your body. But the best means to know your exact need is the saliva test (medical accurate method to restore the optimal level of melatonin).



   When it is necessary to take Melatonin?

   Melatonin should always be taken at night. The use of melatonin in the morning could lead to drowsiness and leave you desynchronized. Take melatonin an hour before bedtime.



   Who should not take Melatonin?

   Pregnant or nursing women, children, people with severe mental disorders and auto-immune diseases should refrain from taking Melatonin supplements.


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