Mulberry Leaf Extract

Hormone regulator, good for diabetes, regulating the blood pressure, kidney stones, menopausal sisntomas, blood purifying anti-oxidant, etc


- 120 capsules

- 500 mg

- Take one (1) capsules

​  daily.

Mulberry Leaf Overview

 The extract of mulberry leaves (known as a phyto-hormone), has similar effects as estrogen. It operates in the treatment of neurovegetative symptoms related to menopause: hot flashes • Night sweats • • Sleep disorders • Nervousness • Headaches and heart palpitations • Prevents reduction in bone density. The extract of mulberry leaves are used in combat: • Diabetes • Kidney stones • catarrh of the bladder • Reduce blood pressure • Throat infecctions when taken as gargle . It has refreshing action, anti-inflammatory, emollient and antibacterial and is used in treating acne and rashes. Act against free radicals, moisturizing, remineralizing and strengthening the structure of the hydro-lipid mantle that is the body's skin layer that prevents occurs dryness. 

The extract has the most active herb principle content, which makes it more effective . 


   Amora, Regulatory of Hormones 

   Mulberry or Mulberry (Morus alba) is known as the Regulatory of Hormones plant so it works quite effectively in the symptoms of menopause: dryness of the vagina, irritation, anxiety, nervousness, poor memory, muscle aches and joints, hot flashes and sometimes cold sweats, headache, decreased libido, trouble sleeping, depression, urinary problems ... 
It is still anticancer plant, combats osteoporosis, is very good as muscle tonic in sports practice for its high potassium content. Purifies the blood, antiseptic, anthelmintic, digestive, soothing, diuretic, laxative, refreshing, astringent and useful in thyroid problems. It has powerful antioxidant properties for its combination of vitamin C with and contributing to the rejuvenation and skin beauty. 

The Mulberry to helps prevent urinary tract infection, reduce the risk of ulcers and stomach cancer. 

   Amora extract has the same purpose as mulberry tea. The Mulberry Extract, has 22 times more calcium than milk, and contain more potassium, magnesium, natural iron, protein, fiber, zinc and yeast. 

   the mulberry extract is no a remedy is a food supplement.


   According to a study prepared by the Department of Research food Health funtions  and  the Institute of Health and Nutrition of the Japanese Ministry of Health 
   The tea of Mulberry helps in: 

1 - FIGHT AGAINST DIABETES - It has the DNJ, Glucose rate of Inhibitory with the release of insulin Natural; 
2 - Rich in proteins and mineral salts; 
3 - PREVENTS OBESITY through the decomposition of sugar by the small intestine; 
4 - Normalizer of elevated blood pressure; 
5 - Improvement in cholesterol rates and Neutral fats in the blood; 
6 - Improved functioning of the liver and kidneys; 
7 - Assist in the treatment of hair loss 
8 - Improvement of Constipation; 
9 - Bowel Regulator; 
10 - bactericidal effect and anti-inflammatory; 
11 - Prevents osteoporosis. 

   There are numerous of reports found on the benefits effects of the mulberry extract, thereare many recommendations and professionals who are interested in natural products that are becoming more increasingly aware and indicate to their patients our product based on this reality.

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