Papaya Enzyme w/ Chlorophyll

It slims, fights cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, corrects intestinal irregularities,

helps in blood clotting (in internal and external wounds).


- 250 chewable tablets

- Please chew 3 tablets after each meal.


Weight loss, fight cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and more:


   The papaya: Papaya is one of the best fruits ever studied, both for its nutritional value and its medicinal power. One of its most important active principles is papain, an enzyme recognized as superior to pepsin and widely used to provide relief in cases of acute indigestion.



   Papaya in the form of chewable capsules is widely used because its nutritional composition is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, mucilages, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, E, C, minerals, phosphorus, calcium, iron and papain (The enzyme of vitality and the strengthening of the immune system). Resets power losses.



    The presence of papain has a strong beneficial effect on any organic system, including also the function of slimming due to existing fibers and mucilages.


Benefits of Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll: It is laxative, diuretic, acidosis, stomach ailments and liver diseases. It helps in the diets for losing weight, due to the presence of fibers and mucilagens. It is refreshing, diuretic and oxidizing. Unbeatable result against almost all internal and external body infections. Papaya contains a very important ingredient called papain that has the same effect on the digestive system as pepsin in the digestive process. It also contains fibrin, rarely found outside the human or animal body. This substance is easily digestible and especially valuable for the help it provides in blood clotting (in internal and external wounds).



   The papain enzyme that contains the green papaya (unripened) has a much more active effect on the system than that of the already ripe fruit. Corrects intestinal irregularities, including ulcers and other more serious conditions, in a relatively short time. Including chewable capsules in our daily diet discards factors that harm your health (such as excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, flour and white sugar) you can be sure that your body will be strong and disease-free.



How about Chlorophyll?



   Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants, substances in plant cells and is very important for health because its action is antibacterial, it cleanses our body of all impurities and toxins. Also known as juice of light, chlorophyll-based products have become popular in recent years for being widespread among artists seeking a good shape, but also for its numerous properties. Among the benefits of chlorophyll are to eliminate toxins from the blood and relieve irritability, making the person more relaxed.

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