Passion Fruit Flower

Natural calming, combat Stress and help in cases of insomnia

and nervousness without causing dependence

           ¥ 2,000

- 1,000 mg

- 60 capsules

- Take on capsule per day.

Passion fruit Flower or Passiflora


It is interesting to note that although known as a natural tranquilizer, it is not the fruit that carries the substances that act effectively in the central nervous system. The part responsible for stress reduction and insomnia treatment is the passionflower blossom, known as passiflora.


 Benefits of Passiflora


 Rich in flavonoids, alkaloids and saparins, passionflower is able to act in the central nervous system rearranging the neurotransmitters, action that is able to relax muscular tensions, lower blood pressure and improve breathing. In addition, their substances also control the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for the feeling of well being.


Therefore, it is possible to affirm that passiflora acts as a mild sedative and natural sedative, it controls anxiety, treats sleep disorders, such as insomnia, caused by stress, improves gastrointestinal disturbances generated by nervousness, controls infant hyperactivity, decreases irritability, Nervousness and stress and softens the symptoms of depression. Natual Soothing.


 Studies done with passionflower have proven that its substances are capable of provoking sedative effects, but without altering the electrical activity of the central nervous system. That is, although it acts as a tranquilizer, the passiflora does not change the lucidity and does not cause dependence.



 Side effects

 Exactly by acting as a natural tranquilizer, passiflora can cause visual disturbances and drowsiness.




 Passiflora-based compounds can be administered under medical supervision to pregnant women, children and the elderly. However, individuals who have low blood pressure or who use sedatives and sedated should avoid using passion flower because it can lower heart rates and intensify the effects of medications.

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