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60 capsules - 500 mg

Sucupira Seed (Bowdichia Virgilioides)

   Sucupira is the name popularly given to some species of Brazilian trees, among them:

Bowdichia virgilioides, Pterogyne nitens, Diplotropis purple, Sclerolobium aureum, Pterodon polygalaeflorus (which is considered by some authors the same kind Pterodon this emarginatus).

      Sucupira The cerrado is a plant very common in the states of MG, MT, TO, SP, and GO MS. It is a medium sized tree, 8-16 meters, bipinnate compound leaves. The fruit is a legume, flattened, with a single seed. It has an excellent antibiotic action for cases of throat infection.

      It is proven that the seed  Sucupira helps fight bone diseases such as osteoarthritis, gout, ulcers, and arthritis. Acting also as a tonic, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory. In cases of bursitis, back pain, parrot beak, and spur, its analgesic effect is immediate, much more powerful than the pharmacological drugs.

Currently research has shown us much more: it proved the effects of Sucupira in constant pain as chemotherapy. Its analgesic effect here too were already proven, as there are many works in the lab trying to prove its benefits to patients with prostate cancer.


      Veterinary use has also proven effects in dogs with osteoarthritis and lordosis when the syringe is provided a large, three times daily Wine sucupira, one obtains a response to the pain caused by bone wear much higher than drug pharmacological.

       People also claim that in in the first month with the use of seed sucupira a marked improvement, for a more significant improvement is recommended to use for 04-06 months.

How to use

 The common way to make a Sucupira tea.

1- Rinse the seeds and break them.

2- Use 6 seeds to a liter and a half (1Ltr. & 1/2) of water.

3- Boil for 10 minutes in a pot (due to the strong substance that this seed release use only this pot for boiling sucupira, you might not be able to cook some other stuff on it since the sucupira will get impregnated ).

4- Once cool is ready to drink and you can store it in the refrigerator.

  Dosages: Drink a lot during the day, around 1 liter and a half. Make some hours of intervals when drinking and drink some water as well. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO DRINK IT FOR 15 DAYS STRAIGHT AND THEN MAKE A PAUSE  FOR 15 DAYS AS WELL SO YOUR ENDOCRINE SYSTEM CAN MAKE A BALANCE.  

Take 2 capsules a day.

Sucupira Capsules

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