Fighting malnutrition, invigorates the body, eliminates the physical fatigue

and mental exhaustion and lose weight naturally


- 500mg

​- 100 tablets

- Take 3 tablets per day.

 Spirulina is a kind of blue / green seaweed found in the oceans. 

It is an important source of vegetable enzymes, which are protein molecules that are an integral part of several major systems in the body. Spirulina contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and proteins. Our Spirulina is 65% high quality protein.  


  The consumption of Spirulina results in various beneficial health. The therapeutic properties of this food supplement are comprehensive. Studies indicate that daily intake of the product can combat malnutrition, invigorates the body, eliminates the physical fatigue and mental exhaustion.


    It helps to fight the undesirable symptoms of PMS, regulating hormones, reduces swelling and headaches that are common in the premenstrual period. It is also considered as a potent natural energy source whose action in the body promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL), the revitalization of the intestinal flora and the reduction and prevention of iron deficiency anemia states.


    Its high protein and nutritional value invigorates the muscles and acts as regulator in glucose levels in the blood preventing against diabetes. Reduces weight and increases muscle mass, strengthens memory and immune system.


    Spirulina benefits in weight loss


    Suitable for all who want to weight loss quickly, healthy and keep a strong body, this supplement is the ideal formula that provides all that needs and reduce appetite, strengthening muscles and increasing the power of concentration. Spirulina acts as a natural appetite suppressant for providing prolonged satiety contributing significantly the weight loss process. 


This food supplement acts as an appetite suppressant since it has finilalanina a asubstance that acts upon the appetite center. When ingested on an empty stomach, spirulina creates a coating on its walls and thus the person feel less hungry, so it is excellent for weight loss, inducing the person to eat a lot less!


    In case of weight loss diet is recommended to take 2 to 4 capsules a day , preferably before meals. Spirulina is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people allergic to seafood and phenylketonuria. Spirulina is a food supplement and not replace the main meals. The desired effects on weight loss diets will only be achieved through regular practice exercises with the help of nutritional education.

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