Tea Tree Oil

Effective to treat internal infections, such as sinusitis, inflamed ear, conjunctivitis, gingivitis, acne, dandruff, fungi on foot, vaginal infections, candidiasis, bad breath, muscle pain, kill fungi and bacteria in general.


​- 30 ml - 100% pure

- See how to use on the side text.

- External Use only


The Melaleuca oil comes from a common tree in Australia (also called Tea Tree or Tea Tree) and is in almost everything we eat, cleaners home to toothpaste. But long before topple the labels, the miraculous little plant was old known to the aborigines, who have realized their antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal properties in treating wounds and burns. Here, we give 10 good reasons to add a few drops of Melaleuca oil in your routine health and beauty.



   1. Melaleuca oil is great for treating dandruff - Dandruff continuosly appear even after treatment with specific shampoo? Melaleuca oil on it! It prevents dryness of the scalp and also makes a cleaning in the root, eliminating waste. According to British dermatologist Terry Loong, the oil also helps in hair growth as unclogs follicles and nourishes the wire root.

Tips : Try a shampoo with 5% of Melaleuca oil. You can also add a few drops of the pure product in the shampoo bottle daily and use normally.



   2. It also helps ease the symptoms of conjunctivitis - Almost everyone has experienced it.Itching burning + + secretion. The Melaleuca can take action once more, as explained by the dermatologist Terry Loong ". The tea tree oil helps to reduce pain and itching in the eyes"


   Tips: Boil two green tea bags in water and add a few drops of oil of the gods. Boil for five minutes and let cool. Place the tea bags on your eyes for 20 minutes and voila!



   3. Melaleuca oil relieves infections (of various kinds) - Thanks to the terpenoids and eucalyptol, phytochemicals in the tea tree, this medicinal property, which guarantee a refreshing smell and fights bacteria and fungi. For nasal congestion due to colds and sinusitis, e.g., a steam inhalation water with the oil can help free the airways.


   Tips: Boil a small bowl of water and add 3 drops of oil while it heats up. Remove from heat, support the container with water in a safe place (be careful not to burn yourself) and place a towel over your head. Inhale deeply this refreshing steam for 15 minutes.



   4. improves the appearance of acne - A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia reported that a solution of 5% Melaleuca oil treats acne as well as the same amount of benzoyl peroxide (the darling of acne treatments). The advantage of the miraculous drops? You do not have to worry about peeling skin. "This oil is a powerful antibiotic and antiseptic and at the same time, is smooth, which helps in the reduction of the bacteria that lodge on the skin. It is best used as a local treatment but also soothes inflammation and redness around the acne. "


   Tips: Dilute two drops of oil in a glass of water and apply the solution with a cotton on the skin. For being hyperconcentrated, do not apply directly oil in the face, okay?



   5. Melaleuca is your bff for waxing - For ingrown hair and skin burning every time you pass razor or wax to shave? Everyone knows that hair removal leaves irritated skin and can leave some pretty annoying inflamed hairs.


   Tips: Sprinkle some Melaleuca oil droplets on the blade before using it. After removing the hair, either with foil or wax, mix three drops of the product with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and pass on the newly waxed area to prevent irritation.



   6. Fighter of vaginal infections - A study from the University of Michigan in the United States, estimated that probably 55.7% of all women will have at least one episode of vaginal yeast infection (eg candidiasis) throughout their lives. antifungal vaginal creams and oral medications are the treatments most recommended by doctors. But research from the University of Western Australia has shown that tea tree oil, even at low concentrations, it is able to eliminate the main fungus that causes candidiasis. Some therapeutic baths seat a week can help to treat and prevent reinfection.



   7. Melaleuca oil relieves muscle aches and sprains - The anti-inflammatory properties are great for treating those post-workout pain. "It stimulates blood flow to the specific area, accelerating the healing and increasing the rate of new tissue and cell growth."



   8. Improves oral health - The Melaleuca Oil fight microorganisms that cause plaque, inflammation of the gums and tartar. Oh, and a tip for smokers: also helps to remove stains caused by tobacco. "In the form of mouthwash, the Melaleuca helps eliminate bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. It kills bacteria in the mouth and reduces pain and irritation due to its antibacterial properties. ", Explains Dr. Terry Look.


   Tips: Dilute a drop of oil in two cups of warm water and make a mouthwash (twice a day).



   9. Aromatherapy Oil - The woody smell like of Melaleuca oil Eucalyptus is great for aromatherapies. Try to relax the lungs and breathing with a wet towel with a solution of water + tea tree oil on the face.


   Tips: In a large bowl, mix water and three to five drops of Melaleuca oil (if you want, add eucalyptus oil). Soak a towel in the solution, take the excess and refrigerate for an hour. Then lie down and put a towel over the face.



   10. Melaleuca in house cleaning - You, a combo of oils needed for house cleaning (yes, I said the house including kitchen, bathrooms, flooring ...). Our dear Melaleuca gives a good of a great deal in household cleaning, generally decreases the amount of product in your wardrobe and gives a refreshing scent to the environment.


   Tips: For floors: add five drops of tea tree oil + five drops of lavender oil + five drops of peppermint oil on their common multi-purpose or specific product for floor. For surfaces: the same mixture of oils in hot water to give clean sinks, countertops, etc.

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