Vitamin D3

Against osteoporosis, rickets, strengthens bones, teeth, muscles, especially prevents colon cancer and breast cancer, arterial hypertension.


​- 100 softgels

- 200 IU

- Take 1 sofgel per day.

For what it use Vitamin E:



   Vitamin E is one of the most approved antioxidants that exist. It is absolutely essential for our survival and for our daily food.


   As a harvester of free radicals, this fat-soluble vitamin is very effective in controlling cell deterioration. But due to the signs aging its reduction it will well valuable. Vitamin E is an antioxidant vital for all, especially those that require a lot of their body. During and after exercise, this vitamin strengthens the immune function and reduces cellular oxidative problems caused by free radicals.



   It helps to reduce fatigue and pain after intense training and speeds up the recovery time. For the sake of longevity, vitamin E protects cell membranes, thus reducing the damage caused by free radicals - mainly in the heart, muscles and glands. Through the destruction of cell membranes, free radicals are responsible for a variety of health problems.



    Vitamin E helps to protect cell membranes of the body against oxidative stress, to maintain good health and a proper functioning of the immune system. With age, the immune system becomes less efficient against microbes and viruses. Part of this decline is due to low levels of vitamin E in the bloodstream. Some studies have shown improvements in the immune responses in older people by taking supplements of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to reduce the effects of aging by keeping protected the cells from damages cause by free radicals.



   Vitamin E also plays a role in the ability of the body that has to process glucose. Over the past decade the functions of vitamin E in cells have been further clarified. In addition to their antioxidant functions, vitamin E is now known to act via other mechanisms, including direct effects on inflammation, regulation of blood cells, tissue growth connectivity and genetic control of cell division. This essential vitamin is partially responsible for the regeneration of all tissues of the body including blood, skin, bones, muscles and nerves. This is clearly necessary for everyone, but even more important for very active people who train hard and use the body to a max physical exertion.



   Another survey indicated that vitamin E may indirectly assist in the transport of nutrients as amino acids and sugars from the blood into muscle cells and to promote protein synthesis in the muscles. It also serves as support for other nutrients, preventing breakage and ensuring the health of the heart. It is very difficult to increase the intake of vitamin E without doing the same with the fat, the best source of these vitamins are vegetables, cereals and oils. Therefore, supplementation with this antioxidant is considered something needed by nutrition experts. Moreover, numerous studies show that supplementation with vitamin E may be a very positive therapy to protect us from the toxins from our environment and from a number of physical complications.



    Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with cellular aging properties, which are important in maintaining the nervous system, male and female fertility. Vitamin E, also known as a vitamin good for fertility or antiestéril, is a soluble vitamin fat which is related to anti-aging therapies. It is indicated for women in childbearing treatment, in order to prevent abortions.


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