GO DETOX is a revolutionary formula combining capsules and tea, for those who are seeking losing weight in a natural way, detoxing the organism. Go Detox is made of the purest elements of the nature from Vietnam and Malaysia.

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Ingredients: Wofiporia Extensa (100mg), Smilax Glabra (100mg), Nelumbo Nucifera flower (100 mg), Extract of Garcinia Cambogia (80mg), Gingko Biloba (60mg), Apple Cider Vinegar (60mg), L-Carnitina (40mg), Collagen (20mg).


Ingredients: Matcha, Jasmine sprout,  Chrysanthemums, Panax Ginseng, Lotus leaves, Hawthorn berry, Senna leaves.

If your goal is to lose weight quickly, without using any chemicals, 100% natural and safe diet, reduce bloating, burning stored fat and cleaning your body from inside out, you are definitely at the right place. GOLEAN DETOX is an established weight loss product from Malaysia brought to you by MATXI S.G. It is 100% made from natural ingredients such as hawthorn, lotus leaf, green tea, jasmine, Jiaogulan, Cassia tora, grapefruit, yellow lingzhi, bitter melon, Talinum paniculatum, Fo-ti, and curcumin. Reduce & eliminate fat, esp. the abdomen, thighs & biceps. Detoxify the liver, reduce blood fat and purify the intestines. Eliminate toxins, clean the body and help to prevent diseases. Firming muscle, beautify skin, blacken hair & milk benefits. Limit energy intake and appetite.

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