Wheat Bran

- Helps to regulate the bowel. - Prevents constipation. - It prevents gastrointestinal inflammation. - Is a great ally in weight loss diets. - Reduces cholesterol levels and blood sugar . - Prevents the development of chronic diseases .


- 567 mg

- Suggested Uses:

• Replace ¼ cup of flour with ¼ cup coarse bran in your favorite baking recipes.

• Add ¼ cup bran to cooked cereals, soups, gravy, mashed potatoes, applesauce, meatloaf and casseroles.

• Add to pancake and waffle batters.

• Substitute for nuts in brownie mixes.

Other Ingredients: Organic unprocessed coarse wheat bran.

This product was packaged using equipment that also handles wheat, soy, peanuts & tree nuts.


Keeps best refrigerated or frozen.

Wheat Bran Benefits

Who wants to lose weight ? Be more healthy?

Learn the benefits of WHEAT BRAN ! !


Today all diets mentions "Wheat Bran" as a particularly way of diet but I never researched further about this "miraculous" ingredient. Whom who lives in Japan knows how difficult is to find healthy food here . While in Brazil , USA , Europe you have a million options of breads , cereals , yoghurts and everything else, we have to " hunt " those components to insert it into our daily routine . And it is not easy nor very cheap , just to tell the true.

Wheat bran is nothing more than a product of the result in the processing of wheat grain to obtain the plain flour . It consists of insoluble fiber that do not break down in the digestive process by improving the intestinal work and elimination of toxins in the body. And for those who want to lose weight wheat bran is a great ally because it has the ability to absorb liquids and consequently promote the feeling of fullness for longer.

Moreover, the scientific Journal of Nutrition , the American Society for Nutrition , presented a paper in which indicates that wheat bran can reduce the risk of bowel cancer , being one of the several benefits of this component.

And the benefits of daily fiber does not stop there ! Studies show that a diet rich in fiber helps prevent breast cancer. According to the endocrinologist David Rose , Institute Haylor Dan ,

" In populations where fiber intake is high , the number of women with breast cancer is lower ," says Rose . " So , I decided to experiment with female rats , supplementing a diet with wheat bran . In fact , it slows tumor growth . "

People with heart disease may also benefit . A study conducted at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in 1982 showed that the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease is four times lower among men whose diet is rich in fiber .

A good tip for those who practice physical activity is excellent ! In the article " 31 ideal foods to lose weight and improve health " of the exam is quoted :

" Betaine present in wheat bran contributes to cell function and prevents dehydration , as the The College of New Jersey researchers discovered ( USA ) . This means getting to train harder and longer. "

Is it Worth inserting daily or not? However , it is extremely important to note that to benefit from the wonders of wheat bran is necessary to increase the consumption of water so does not incur the reverse effect .

In resume :

- Helps to regulate bowel .

- Prevents constipation .

- It prevents gastrointestinal inflammation .

- Is a great ally in weight loss diets .

- Reduces cholesterol levels and blood sugar .

- Prevents the development of chronic diseases .

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